Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC)

Support to strengthening participatory approaches through grassroots empowerment

This programme was aimed at engaging communities in debate, understanding the formation, functions, and responsibilities of the newly instituted ZHRC. Although communities appreciated this as a noble move by the inclusive government, they expressed fears and concerns in regard to its independence.

The people feared that politicians, powerful people, lack of adequate funding and resources might in the long run compromise its effectiveness. Participants emphasised on the need for the Commission to operate transparently and objectively. Community feedback meetings were held in Mhondoro and Hurungwe.

ZimRights held an interactive meeting with the Ministry of Justice and journalists to impress upon them the need to track the progress towards the operationalisation of the HRC. A Regional discussion forum was also held for the coalition of human rights organisations, commissioners of the ZHRC and Parliamentary Thematic Committee on human rights.

Activities were mainly aimed at ensuring that ZimRights would be able to influence policy formulation on the new ZHRC.

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