Regional Advocacy

In addition to the screenings done in Zimbabwe, Article VII and Reflections exhibition were both shown in other African countries. This was done with the main goal of calling for the rest of Africa to rally round the people of Zimbabwe in fighting dictatorship, violence, intimidation and continued abuse of human rights by those in power. Challenges that the organisation faced in screening both the documentary and exhibition in the country, prompted the urgent need to use other platforms in countries within the SADC region (custodians of the Government of National Unity GNU) in Zimbabwe).

Having failed to continue with the photo exhibition in Zimbabwe, ZimRights took "Reflections" and the documentary "Article VII- Voices for Healing" to be launched in Johannesburg under the title "Through the looking glass" pictured below. The launch took advantage of the media presence for the World Cup to draw attention to the continued crisis in the country. The media centre presented an opportunity to encourage dialogue on Zimbabwe and to provide attention on the reality of Zimbabwe and the predicament it is in. The media centre drew journalists, Zimbabweans exiled in the Diaspora and South African nationals who are interested in the plight of Zimbabweans. Some of the visitors to the centre left comments on the exhibition.

looking glass

The photo exhibition was launched in the John Moffat building on the 5th of July. ZimRights National Director, Okay Machisa gave a brief background to the exhibition and the path that it had travelled in Zimbabwe. Mr Everson Ndlovu, ZimRights Bulawayo region chairperson, in the keynote address said that the photos are a major stepping stone in creating dialogue on the violence that has characterised the life of independent Zimbabwe. Despite the fact that nothing new is told by the pictures, they are a true depiction of the trauma of individual and collective experiences.


Some of the participants viewing the pictures

The documentary and exhibition were also taken to Kampala Uganda for the African Union Summit, where the National Director, Mr Okay Machisa gave a brief background on the situation in Zimbabwe as well as the story of how the organisation face intimidation from the police. A press conference was held were almost forty journalists attended to help in putting Zimbabwe on the spotlight.

During the SADC Summit, the organisation also took the two to Namibia, with same goal of ensuring that Zimbabwe remains remains on the agenda for the heads of states.Emund Mujeyi, who is the Regional Chairperson for Mashonaland East, gave the back ground of the documentary and reflections and how they both tell the story of Zimbabwe. A short march was done around the church hall, with the theme "Deliver Us from Evil", a call for SADC to hear the plea of the Zimbabwean people ahead of politicians'.


From left to right: the SADC people's summit banner; the pictures; the short march; participants watching the documentary Article VII

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