Translated Copies of The Bill of Rights


In line with our core values of promoting human rights accross the lenghts and breaths of this beautiful nation, ZimRights has taken an initiative towards making huamn rights accessible to all by translating the Bill of Rights into various indigenous languages. We celebrate the bill of rights which for the first time in the history of Zimbabwe contains comprehensive socio-ecomic rights. We all have a collective duty to hold our leadership to account, knowing and demanding your rights as envisaged in the bill of rights is our constitutional right.

Through the looking glass -Reflections

The story of ZimRights photo exhibition.

Article VII - Voice of Healing


A decade of decline has battered human rights in Zimbabwe. The dawn of elections violence rose with impunity, bloodying the sunrise. Zimbabwe's 1982 "moment of madness" went unabated. Politically motivated violence became a way of life. Few if any perpetrators of political violence have been brought to book.

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