ZimRights chairperson Nyakureba's car trailed by strangers

The national chairperson of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights), Passmore Nyakureba, was trailed by unknown people in two cars for over 250 km from Harare to Mutare on the early hours of Saturday, February 11, 2017.

Nyakureba had been in Harare on ZimRights business on Friday, February 10, 2017, before he left the next day early in the morning at about 3 am.

Nyakureba narrated: “When I was nearing Surrey I noticed two cars a silver Honda Fit and white Toyota Allion one which I had first seen in Harare and along Samora near Puma Service station and the other at Enterprise road traffic lights.

“It turned out that these two cars were trailing me. They would increase speed when I increased, reduce when I reduced and at some stages one would go ahead of me and one would remain behind.”

Nyakureba said he does not know the persons and their motives.

The cars reportedly made three roadside stops after they had overtaken Nyakureba to apparently wait for him in Marondera, Eagle’s nest and Shamu near Riverside in Odzi.

Nyakureba who was now aware of the trailing made a decoy drive towards Mutare’s Central Business District before making at U-turn home.

At this moment, which was about 6.20 am, the Honda Fit was blocked by increasing traffic at Mutare General Hospital as it also attempted a U-turn towards him.


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