Benefits of being a Zimrights member

Being a ZimRights member entitles you to easy access to information on human rights related issues, governance, current news, and updates on any national issues that might be of concern to the governed. Members also stand chances to participate in civil society exchange programmes, membership also enhances the chances of ordinary people in participating in national issues from an informed position. Members are the primary recipients of the human rights education, general civic education, trainings such as para-helpers trainings and documentation of human rights violations trainings. Prioritization in legal assistance. Becoming ZimRights focal person in the implementation of organizational programmes. Leading ZimRights local chapters depending on performance as a human rights defender. The same performance can also open opportunities for one to even penetrate in the, regional council, national council and also the management board. Also presents career opportunities.

How to become a member

One just has to visit any one of our offices and everything will be sort out there. If one is an unemployed Zimbabwean national, it costs a US$1 to be a member as well as getting the membership card, US$5 for those employed, US$50 for foreigners, US$10 for those in the regional council and US$20 to those in the National Council. One will be required to fill the membership form at the reception after which, s/he will be furnished with the membership card. ZimRights offices are found in Harare, Masvingo, Bindura, Mutare, Kwekwe and Bulawayo

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