Call for Nominations - CHRDA 2016

About the Awards

The Community Human Rights Defenders Awards (CHRDA), presented annually (for the fifth time in 2016) by the Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights), seek to extend recognition and acknowledge the good works being undertaken by ordinary Zimbabwean citizens to extraordinarily advance, promote, respect and protect human rights in the country. In this process, Human Rights are defined asthose conditions, expectations, and standards to which every person by virtue of his or her existence as a human being is entitled. When the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, it declared that all human beings are “free and equal in dignity and rights.” Some human rights, such as freedom of religion, are fundamental freedoms. Other human rights protect people from unfair treatment because of certain physical attributes e.g. disability. These are sometimes called ‘anti-discrimination’ rights.

For purposes of selecting the candidates for the Community Human Rights Defenders Awards therefore, a ‘Human Rights Defender’ is defined as one who risks or suffers harassment or disadvantage for exercising the rights expressed in the international Bill of Rights, and who, in conformity with these instruments, promotes and protects the human rights and fundamental freedoms of others, individually or in groups. Special account is taken of those who would have demonstrated an active record of advancing, promoting and protecting human rights by courageous and innovative means. The Awards aim to encourage individuals and organisations that are currently working for the rights of others in the context of social, cultural, economic and political spheres. 




The categories upon whose basis the nominees for Community Human Rights Defenders Awards will be selected are as given below:



Broader Awards

  1. Overall Outstanding HRD of the year 2016
  2. Outstanding Female HRD of the year 2016
  3. Outstanding Male HRD of the year 2016
  4. The People’s Choice Award 2016
  5. Peace Ambassador of the year 2016

Minority Rights

  1. Outstanding HRD of the year 2016 from PLWD
  2. Outstanding Minority Rights HR Lawyer of the year 2016

Media and Arts

  1. Outstanding HRD Artist of the year 2016
  2. Outstanding Youth HRD of the year 2016
  3. Outstanding Female HRD Journalist of the Year 2016
  4. Outstanding Male HRD Journalist of the year 2016
Community Development, Local Governance & Environment  
  1. Outstanding Urban & Rural District Council in Social Services Delivery
  2. Female environmental HRD of the year 2016
  3. Male environmental HRD of the year 2016
  4. Outstanding CBO of the year 2016


Any individual or organization can submit a nomination for the respective category by filling out the appropriate form available at ZimRights offices or as an online nomination form on the ZimRights website. Neither individuals nor organisations may nominate themselves or act as references for themselves. Two references are needed for a valid nomination and these persons must have agreed to act as such. The Nomination period runs between Thursday 27th of October to Tuesday the 8th of November 2016.

Thereafter a process of public voting will be opened from the 12th to the 15th of November to allow the public to vote for the shortlisted nominees so as to provide a further reference point for the Jury during the selection process.


The selection, shortlisting and eventual selection will be done by a panel of independent jurists appointed by ZimRights and possessing various technical, professional and field experiences in the area of human rights. Various tools will be used in the selection process to reinforce validity and guarantee reliability of the process. The outcome of the public voting process for the shortlisted nominees will be used as a critical reference point as the Jury narrows down to its final decision. The proceedings of the Jury are strictly confidential, with the final output being validated by an appointed audit firm to ensure compliance with due process.


Below is the timeline of important dates for the process



27 October 2016

Start of Nomination Period

8 November 2016

End of nomination period

12 November 2016

Public voting starts

15 November 2016

Public voting ends

 25 November 2016

Community Human Rights Defenders Awards Ceremony




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