Education and Programmes Department

This department runs such programmes as:

Human rights education; this is the major programme of the organisation through which it interacts with its membership through meetings and workshops that are aimed at debating issues that are related to all categories of human rights. The programme also targets community leaders, members of other grassroot organisations, government officials, schools etc.

Civic education: employs the use of community theatre to enhance human rights awareness and active participation of beneficiaries. Plays are developed and performed in different communities to stimulate discussions on civic issues.

Democracy and good governance; this deals with fundamental human rights and freedoms that belong to all individuals in the society and allow citizens to enjoy peace and justice, and are most effectively managed in a democratic political dispensation that observes human rights. ZimRights education programmes are therefore very informative regarding the rights and obligations of citizens upholding civic virtues. The programmes also promote tolerance amongst citizens, respect for human rights and gender equality.

Voter education and election monitoring; ZimRights respects the electoral processes as a significant element in the democratic dispensation. Citizens should participate in choosing leaders that represent them at all levels of government. Through voter education, people acquire and are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes associated with actively taking part in free and fair elections.


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